Rock n’ Roll Marathon and 1/2 de Montréal recap

On a chilly and rainy september morning, I woke up to run what is now known as the race from hell. I was running the 10k part that morning because I had run my first half 3 weeks before and wasn’t sure I could do another half.

I left for the site late, my friend was stuck in traffic so I had to watch poeple pass by and taking the subway while I was waiting.

When we arrived at Laurier Park for the starting it was pouring and cold. I had never ran a race while it was raining.

After 500 meters my shins acted up. I don’t know if was the cold or whatever, but it hurt and all I wanted to do, was to sit on the sidewalk and watch the parade go by. Since I  am no quitter, I hung tough and finished the race without using my run/walk/run. Walking hurt too much so I did a slow jogged during my walking minute. That’s the only good thing that came out of this race.


Once at the finish line, the park we all arrived at was in refurbishement so imagine the mud. Worst, they let spectators come into the finishing area : CHAOS!!!! and the medal… meh…. compared to other RnR events, it is cheap….

Overall, they might need to change a few things…



Recap of summer 2013

As summer draws to an end tomorrow, let’s recap this wonderful season that made me live through all sorts of emotions.

June :

Yep, dream come true! I met the New Kids On The Block for the first time in my life on June 6th. It was a wonderful night and I think I haven’t came down from that high just yet!Image

here’s me with the wonderful Donnie Wahlberg!

On the running side, I continued my training for Dumbo Double Dare in Disneyland. That would be my first half marathon. I did do my longest distance to date that was 14 km



Yep, I am addicted! I traveled to Toronto to see NKOTB again in concert and met them again. I think I need an intervention…


here I am with the gorgeous and kind Jordan Knight

On the running side, I did run 17km and it was hard! I struggled with heat and loss of sodium. I did learn my lesson.


Nope, no NKOTB concert but even better! I went to Disneyland!!!!! I did and I ran my first half marathon ever! I had fun and lived through all kind of emotions. I was in the later corrals and by the time we started, the sun was up and blazing with us all the way for the 13.1 miles. It was hard psychologically and physically but I did! I am proud of myself. I am not planning on running another half marathon until next september but I will keep on training as if one was just around the corner!


still smiling at (almost) mile 10.

Overall, it was one of the best summer in a long time. Emotion is the keyword here! Let’s see what fall has in store for me!

until then,

Faith, trust and pixie dust!

Sandra 🙂

I’m still what?????

I just received my final instructions for RnR Montreal. Now, in Febuary I asked to change my half to the 10k because I was now registered for Dumbo Double Dare 2 weeks before and I didn’t know how badly my body would hurt. What a surprise it was to find out they didn’t change my registration and that I am still registered for the half! I called and they called me back saying I could run the 10k with my half bib, no problem. Why do I have a bad feeling about this? The race is this sunday. Trust me to go see someone at the expo this weekend. Speaking of expos… Better get my money ready 🙂