Gallawho? Gallawhat? Galloway!!!

Ok, if you’re an avid RunDisney fan, you know who I am talking about. If not, chances are, you’ll have the same answer as a lot of runners from my neck of the woods in Montreal. Let me build this up!

I started running again in August 2011 after witnessing the Princess Half Marathon in Walt Disney World the previous Febuary. Obviously I went on the RunDisney website to look it up as motivation source and that’s when I came across my savior.

Not we are not there yet.. Let me still build it up!

Living in Longueuil near Montreal Qc, Canada, we have running stores called Running Room. The man who started these stores also has his method of running which is quite similar to my savior but with longer intervals. His intervals of choice are 10-1. So that’s 10 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking. So, thinking myself good, I started with this method and soon ended up injured. Now there is nothing wrong with Mr. Stanton’s program. It simply doesn’t work for me. So, I went back to my savior…

Yes, that where he comes in!!!!

Jeff Galloway is a former Olympian who truly beleives that anyone can become a runner with his programs of run/walk/run. It is quite simple, you run for a short period and you walk for another short period and so on… That works awesomely well for me and enable me to do my first half marathon. I use a ratio of 2 minutes running and 1 min of walking. I know I should use smaller intervals but I still want to run most of my run, so I am quite slow.

Now what has my title to do with all this?

Imagehere’s me with Mr. Galloway at the Disneyland Half Marathon expo last August 2013.

Well around here, Jeff Galloway is not known by many people. In Quebec most runners beleive that you have to run all the way to be a runner and that you have to be super fast. Most of our local half marathons have a time limit of 2:45 which is still too short by a good 20/25 minutes for me. So when people see me do my run/walk/run training they all think I can’t go the distance and usually say, don’t give up you’ll be able to run someday! WHAT?? Are you freaking kidding me? I just did a freaking half marathon and a 10k in 2 days and you still think I can’t run? It simply infuriates me and I gladly tell them about Jeff Galloway’s program and method. I even think I will soon start a Galloway club in neck of the woods.

Any other Galloway disciples that are going through the same hassle as me? Let me know, maybe we could have some t-shirts made with the explanation in the back!

Until then,

faith, trust and pixie dust,



5 thoughts on “Gallawho? Gallawhat? Galloway!!!

  1. I totally get it! Galloway is known around my parts of the country, but people still have the same reactions. Many times during a race, I’ll stop for my walking interval, and some complete stranger will yell out “No no, keep going! You got this!” No, I’m just taking walk breaks, but thank you.

  2. I love Jeff Galloway and I love his method. Unfortunately, the voice I hear knocking this method is my own inner voice. I love your attitude. You rock!! Can you tell my inner voice to lighten up — the program works, why do I need to be so hard on myself?

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