Smile! (or the art of race photos) and my theory on those…

I’ve read it on lots of tweets, facebook and blog posts: My race photos suck!

For me, it seems, spotting the race photographers is something very easy to do.

Exhibit a :


yours truly finishing her first ever 10k at the Rock’n Roll Montreal Marathon in 2012.

You can’t seem to spot them? I think I have the answer… YOU ARE GOING TOO FAST!!!! No, seriously… You see, I’m a back of the pack runner. When I get to the photographers, the crowd is sparse and they are easy to spot with their usually flashy yellow vest. I must admit, I love race pictures. I’m sure you’ve seen this


I’m one of those. I’m a goofy girl who likes to smile and have memories.

exhibits b,c,d,e,f and so on….

Image Image



Those were all taken during the Dumbo Double Dare challenge in Disneyland in September 2013. It was my first Disney race and I went all out! I have many more from where it came from but I think that about sums it all!

Wait! I’m not done, last May, I did the 10k at the Ottawa Marathon Weekend. While my faster friends had 1 or 2 pictures taken during the race, for my part I had 49… yes you read right, 49!!!



This just proves my theory… Be slower and your pictures will be wonderfull!

until then,

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust,

Sandra xoxo


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