I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it!

I am about to lose control and I think you’ll like it!! If the rumour is true a Star Wars/Avengers half marathon is coming to Disneyland in 2015!!! Do you think I am ready?

Until then,
Faith, trust and pixie dust!
Sandra xoxo



The kindness of fellow runners

Yes, again this weekend, I am still green with envy as it is Tinkerbell Half weekend out west in Disneyland. This race is on my bucket list and since Run Disney will move it to may, it becomes my ticket to a Coast to Coast medal but enough of that…

Earlier this week, Run Disney revealed the Dooney and Bourke bags for Tink! I am usually strict about buying stuff from a race I don’t participate in as I beleive it is false advertisement, but since Tink is my icon, I asked on a FB group if someone was willing to trust me and buy the bag for me. Well guess what? Someone said yes! I was amazed and grateful. Now let’s cross our fingers that there will be some left tomorrow when that kind soul arrives at the #TinkHalf expo!

Until then,
Faith, trust and pixie dust
Sandra xoxo


The power of social media

Turn back the clock to this time last year, I had a Twitter, an Instagram and Facebook account. I was active on Facebook but much more of a lurker on Twitter and Instagram. Then I registered to Dumbo Double Dare, and everything changed!

I remember the first time I used an hashtag! BOOM! I was hooked! Through Twitter I got in touch with Disney addicts like me, slow and fast runners but most of all, Good people! Some I met in Disneyland when I went for Dumbo Double Dare, others I will meet soon in June and the rest I hope to meet in November when I will go to Wine and Dine half marathon in Walt Disney.

To all of you, thank you for keeping me motivated!

Until then,
Faith, trust and pixie dust,
Sandra xoxo


Race jealousy? Yes!

Unless you’ve been hiding Under a rock these past few weeks, you are not on any kind of social media or are not a runner, you know that Walt Disney World Marathon weekend and Tinkerbell half are just around the corner. Now never in my life will I ever run those Dopey or Goofy Challenges but I must admit that all this buzz has got to me.

Since last weekend something has been brewing inside of me. After hours hours spent analyzing the feeling (seconds really, not hours), I came up with the answer: RACE JEALOUSY!!!! Yes ‘mam !! I just want to be there and live the frenzy, go to meetups and see Twitter and Facebook friends!!

No other type of races except the Disney ones make me feel like this!!

Do you experience that feeling too?
So here’s a sad face selfie to prove how I am feeling!

What do you run for?

Today I was reading the newest issue of Womens Running and there was a tidbit on a blogger. This blogger said that she’s doing races to have a goal and to keep on running. She does not follow a training plan nor does she fartleks, sprints, do hills, or any kind of training besides running her distances 3-4 days a week.

When I read that, I tought to myself, hey that’s what I am doing too! I run because I like the feeling. I like the effect it has on me. I like the friends I made all over the globe because of it. All in all, I do not look forward to speed or its cousins.

Now my question is:

As a runner, what do you do? Am I the only one with this blogger who see running this way?

Until then, faith trust and pixie dust
Sandra xoxo