Cyberbullying or better known as I’m a coward and hide behind a screen to say things I wouldn’t say face to face

With the growth of social media, we can witness more more acts of cyberbullying. And I am not just talking about high school kids here, no! I am talking about adults sharing one common interest: running. It was said that runners are the most united community, but sometimes, especially on Facebook groups, they are nothing more than bullies.

I’ve seen posts that were at the start humourous or simply posted to help new members to that group to learn about race etiquette and so forth, go sour and straith mean to the “poster”. Now why because you are behind a screen should we be victims to your word vomit? Why because you think you are Godsent should we be victimized by you? Some say, we are only stating our opinion. But when that opinion becomes mean spirited and deminishes a person or a group, is it still valid?

During a discussion no less than a month ago, concerning yet again race etiquette (that will be the subject of a post very soon) I was told that as a slow runner/walker I should not be allowed in races! I’m sorry? Who died and made that mean bully king? I was angry at first and wanted to reply and then I tought that I was not going to play his game.

I know these are light examples of cyberbullying as there are more extreme cases going on as we speak, but I wanted to clear my head of it. Because in my mind we are all runners and somehow like to suffer through it we might as well get along!

Have you ever been witness or victim of cyberbullying? What do you think about it? Let me know!

Until then,
Faith,trust and pixie dust!
Sandra xoxo


The serious side of running Disney

Ok, you know about my race jealousy… It’s happening again this weekend, but I won’t get into it again.

However, something else makes me angry and I want to get it off my chest!

I have been running for 3 years now. After my first year of running I ran my first 10k and on my second year of running, I celebrated it at Disneyland by doing Dumbo Double Dare. I trained hard! I did all the runs and miles and took it seriously! I wanted to do this even if somewhere deep inside I sometimes had doubts…

With Princess weekend coming and its challenge too, I tought about my journey and I am proud of myself.

Last month the registrations for Dumbo came and then I got angry!

A lot of people do not take Disney races seriously… Oh it’s Disney! I’ve never run but I will start and run 19.3 miles in two days! Uh! Hello? It’s not a walk in the park! Yes it’s Disney but you still have to do the distance…

I said, I was proud of my journey because RunDisney was what got me started as a runner again. But did I go and register for an half marathon 6 months after my start? Hell no! I built it, I trained and when I felt ready, I registered! Don’t get me wrong, some people can run an half marathon after 3 months of running but I don’t think it’s the majority.

So, do you feel that some people take Disney races too lightly?

Until then,
Faith, trust and pixie dust,
Sandra xoxo

Here is my progression as a runner, finishing my first and so hard 5k, my first 10k and after my last training run before leaving for Disneyland. Good times!

Running while smiling!

Does it ever happen to you? You are out on your scheduled training run, you get into the zone, listen to music and suddenly, you don’t know why but a bring smile lights up your face?

I must be a happy runner then!