Half marathon training, mental health and motivation.

As you may know, I’m a first grade teacher. I also from time to time struggle with mental health; anything from anxiety, to depression and burn outs. I had a though group this year. By February, I had ran out of gas. Since then, I’ve been trying to recuperate the best I can. They say that exercise is good for a person suffering from depression. I agree. Alas, the problem is, motivation is not there. I try the best I can. I do.¬†Especially since I’m running the Divas Half in Toronto in June. Some mornings, I wake up and could take on the world. Other mornings, I’d just lay in bed and not see anyone. That being said, I know that I will make it to Toronto and that I will run that half marathon, BUT the road there will have had bumps and potholes trust me. Finally, I have to admit that on the days that I make it out the doors and go for a run, I feel fine. With summer coming, it can only go up from here and I’ll be ready to tackle next year’s! Well, I hope so!

Until then,




I’m back!!

Yes, you read right! I am back.

Arent’t you happy about it?

I’ll try my best this time to keep blogging. I haven’t changed much. I’m still running. I’m still slow. I still don’t take myself too seriously. But most of all, I’m still me with all my flaws and challenges.

I’ve suffered from an injury (the jury is still debating what it was exactly.) that has kept me out of the running loop for a while. All I could run were 5k, and I was walking most of them.

My comeback happened at Walt Disney World in January. My good friend Angela was running Dopey, and she ran the 10k with me. Since then, I’ve gained back some confidence.



Tommorrow, I’ll tell you where I’m going…

Until then,