Half marathon training, mental health and motivation.

As you may know, I’m a first grade teacher. I also from time to time struggle with mental health; anything from anxiety, to depression and burn outs. I had a though group this year. By February, I had ran out of gas. Since then, I’ve been trying to recuperate the best I can. They say that exercise is good for a person suffering from depression. I agree. Alas, the problem is, motivation is not there. I try the best I can. I do.¬†Especially since I’m running the Divas Half in Toronto in June. Some mornings, I wake up and could take on the world. Other mornings, I’d just lay in bed and not see anyone. That being said, I know that I will make it to Toronto and that I will run that half marathon, BUT the road there will have had bumps and potholes trust me. Finally, I have to admit that on the days that I make it out the doors and go for a run, I feel fine. With summer coming, it can only go up from here and I’ll be ready to tackle next year’s! Well, I hope so!

Until then,




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